Navigating the dashboard
A primer on how to read the various items displayed on the dashboard
Degenerative.Finance's UI allows you to easily interact with the synthetic token smart contracts.
It is important to keep in mind that the UI displays information for one synthetic token, at a time. Synthetic tokens run for fixed periods of time: If you hold several different synthetic tokens, you would have to choose them individually. The dashboard does not aggregate all of your synthetic tokens in one view, yet.
Some of our tokens, such as uGAS, are being transitioned to quarterly timeframes to make the UX much easier. uSTONKS on the other hand will expire by the end of April.
We are also working on a comprehensive revamp of the website. Stay tuned for updates.
Screenshot of the UI
This is an example overview for uGAS-MAR21 which is split up into the following three sections: 1) Information about the contract's current price, a price chart and the APR for minting & LPing the chosen uGAS token 2) The interface to interact with the uGAS smart contracts: Mint, Deposit or Withdraw Collateral, Redeem/Settle uGAS token 3) Dashboard that summarizes statistics about a user's uGAS position
The section below provides further information about the dashboard Liquidation price: This is the uGAS price at which your position would get liquidated, all things equal Collateral Ratio (Global): This is the system-wide Collateral Ratio. This is relevant for minting new synths or withdrawals Collateral Ratio (Post-Tx): This is the current Collateral Ratio of the position. A user can simulate the position's Collateral Ratio by typing a number in the minting interface where it says "ETH Collateral". The Collateral Ratio must never fall below 1.25 or else the position gets liquidated. In the bottom section of the page, a user's position is shown, more specifically: Your WETH: WETH in the wallet that has not been deposited into uGAS contracts Your UGASMAR21: Any uGAS already minted. However, this is only shown for the specific contract that is currently selected. Position Collateral WETH: The Collateral of the existing uGAS position Position Outstanding UGASMAR21: Total uGAS minted Current Liquidation Price: The price at which the position would get liquidated
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