Sell/Go Short
A step-by-step guide that shows you how to short synthetic tokens. This example is based on uGAS.
If you feel Etherum gas prices are too high and unsustainable, you have the option to short uGAS.
To begin, go to our uGAS site:

1. Connect Wallet

2. Select the uGAS Month

3. Enter amount of uGAS you want to Mint

4. You’ll need WETH to Mint. If needed, wrap your ETH with the table at the bottom.

5. Click on “Approve Token” to give Degenerative Finance permission to mint uGAS, and then click the button again to mint your uGAS!

Congratulations! You’ve minted uGAS!
You’ve done the hard part, now it’s time to trade your uGAS for ETH in order to short uGAS.

6. Click on the LP/Trade Button and select Trade

8. When uGAS prices drop, purchase your original amount of uGAS with ETH, or wait until the contract expires to withdraw your remaining ETH

If you purchase uGAS at a lower price, you can now redeem your uGAS for your original collateral back and pocket the difference in gas prices as profit.
You also have the option to let the contract expire and withdraw your remaining ETH less the settled value of the uGas you sold
Last modified 6mo ago